Soccer uses some of the same speed mechanics as track and field and football. But the main difference is, in soccer got to have the same speed mechanics with a ball on your foot. So there are proper techniques to having that ball. What you see when you look at all the big players � Beckham, Ronaldo, all the big names, is when they're moving with the ball, the ball never leaves the side of their body. So they're keeping the ball close to them. What a lot of players do, especially in High School that aren't that experienced is they push the ball away from themselves and then they have to catch up to the ball. The problem with that is that when a defender is coming after you, coming after the ball, if you have to run to catch up to the ball, you are just making it a race. You keep that ball next to you, then you can do your scissor step over the top, you can push the outside. You have the option to pass it away if you think that you've got to. So you've got a lot more options if you've got that ball on yourself, on your foot then if you are chasing the ball down.

When an athlete comes to Proformance to improve his or her game, we do a thorough evaluation. We look at what positional player they are, and then we try to address their suspension and their turnover and their efficiency all in the same manner.

For an offensive player, once we've worked to make them bio-mechanically correct and very efficient with their forced output then it's about moving with and without the ball explosively, getting ready to set up the defender for some type of deke.

For a defender, we're trying to get them in situations where they can breakdown and be explosive. Breakdown and open up their hips to shut down angles for the offensive player.

And, of course, the energy system for a soccer player versus a hockey player, is a soccer player has got to be explosive and non-stop for 90 minutes. At Proformance, we give the athlete the tools to be at the top of their game from start to finish, get them noticed, and able to move on to the next level. 






Whether you play house league, travel or Division 1 College soccer, Proformance Sports Training can help you improve regardless of your current level of play and your age. There is always room for improvement! Our soccer programs help athletes improve their soccer specific speed, strength and agility. Whether you're training as a team or as an individual, Proformance caters to your needs in order to take you to the next level.  Below are some of the testimonials from athletes that we've trained throughout the course of their playing careers; starting at a young age and continuing to develop them into the players that they are today. 


“Training at Proformance and with John has to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but no one ever said success was going to be easy. John is always there to push us that extra mile, to help us with our problems and to remind us of why we were there in the first place.” Ben Noel 


“Proformance really helped me work on my all around game. It’s a great balance between ball work and weight work, which I greatly benefitted from both.”  - Eric Steinwachs



“I have been lucky enough to work with John Opfer and the rest of the Proformance staff for many years now. It is truly an honor and I am truly blessed to have had this group of people not only do everything in their power to help me develop my skills as a soccer player, but also help me grow as a person. Being able to work with this group has been an amazing experience in more ways than one and has helped me achieve my goals thus far!”Jenna Raepple 



“My experiences with Proformance Sports taught me the fundamentals that every athlete needs to know to be able to improve their skills. Not only was I able to apply this knowledge throughout my high school career and track seasons as well as my College Career at N.U. to become a faster, stronger athlete, I still use it every day while coaching modified soccer and high school track.”Jamie Raepple